L.A. Rapper Game Can't Even Stand to Be Asked About Lil B

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Best not to even bring up Brandon McCartney

Well, we knew Lil B was controversial. But the Berkeley rapper/provocateur's very existence is apparently so infuriating to L.A. rapper Game that the Compton gangsta-rapper gets livid at even the mention of it.

In an interview this week with Game for MTV Hive, rap blogger/critic Andrew Nosnitsky asked Game how he felt about young upstart rhymers moving past gangsta rap culture -- specifically Lil B, whom we profiled in a cover story earlier this month.

Game's reaction? Pure antagonistic rage. He even hung up on Noz after telling him to "eat a dick." Check out the whole fiery exchange after the jump.

It was all going so well! And here's how it ended:

I take it you're not a fan of Lil B though, you have some lines for him on "Martians Vs. Goblins."

Are you a fan of Lil B?

Yeah, actually I am.

Yeah well me and you beg to differ. I think Lil B sucks, personally. But that's you, if you're a fan ... I don't know what it is. Do you do drugs?

No. But I think he ties in with what you were saying before. To me that's what hip-hop is, just being yourself. A strange dude is gonna make strange records.

That's cool but it doesn't provide for a legendary career and you definitely ain't moving no units. But to each his own, kudos to you and Lil B.

I'm sensing some sarcasm in that statement, like you're mocking me here.

I might be mocking you. Now you gotta make the judgment on what you want to do about it.

Come on, I know this type of confrontation is your thing but I don't see what good getting into it over the phone is gonna do. I'm trying to have you speak your piece and promote your album.

You asking me questions that's gonna provoke me to react the way I'm reacting so maybe change the form of the way you're asking questions or don't ask those types of questions at all.

Well you dissed the guy on the record we're supposed to be talking about, I'm only--

Aye look man: fuck you and Lil B. Eat a dick. Peace. [Hangs up]

So don't go looking for clarification on this song, rap bloggers:

Bonus: For more on Game, check out LA Weekly's new cover story on him.

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Sounds like Game's gotta a 'lil wood for Lil B! Guess he had to get a tissue or something...

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