Holy Wow: Wallpaper Isssues a Throbbing, Sexed-Up Cover of Adele's "Rumour Has It" (With Guest Verse By Danny Brown)

"God bless you and your American thighs," he sings.

Considering it's track two of the Blockbuster Album of 2011 -- and the latest single -- you must know the song: Adele's "Rumour Has It" [delightful British spelling sic]: A stabbing post-breakup romp with the R&B diva's soaring voice front-and-center.

It wouldn't have been the first choice of material for Oakland crunk-pop misfit Wallpaper -- and that's exactly why his cover, just posted by Live 105, is a little shocking. Also, the lyrics: Somewhat ironically, Wallpaper's Ricky Reed nastied-up the tune to ensure his version won't ever get played on the radio, at least not without a lot of bleeping. Hear it after the jump.

Get ready for a rework along the lines of: "He/ is half my size/ So if he's taller than me, hey, I don't mind."

Our question: Who's that rapper on the guest verse? Update: It's Detroit rapper Danny Brown.

And here's the original, in case your ears need a scrubbing:

To us, this version supplies a completely different -- yet equally satisfying -- feeling as the original. Which is what a good cover is supposed to do. What do you think?

[via Live 105]

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