Grammy-Winning Arcade Fire Singer Win Butler Thinks S.F. Is Too Expensive

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Christopher Victorio
Butler: Apparently not moving to S.F. anytime soon.

About halfway through Arcade Fire's set at Outside Lands on Sunday, frontman Win Butler paused to regard the evening: The massive crowd, the rising moon, the immaculate weather (although it had turned a bit crisp by then), and the generally good vibes of the festival. Butler said he'd been out wandering around the grounds all day, and had loved it. (He'd also been on stage covering "The Weight" with Mavis Staples, but you heard about that.)

We almost thought the city had seduced Butler, who was raised outside of Houston and now lives in Montreal -- at least until he made a quip about the cost of living in S.F. Apparently having your album debut at No. 1 on the Billboard chart, and winning the Grammy for Album of the Year doesn't make this city seem any cheaper.

That's how it sounded to us anyway: Butler mused about how lovely everything was -- the weather, the trees, the people -- and then ended his thought by noting that in S.F., "it's like $900,000 for a two-bedroom condo." Ouch.

And the worst part? It seemed like Butler meant to exaggerate, and $900,000 for a two-bedroom condo sounds about like what it costs to live in some parts of this city.

Guess none of us S.F. residents will be having the nice-guy Grammy winner and his lovely wife as a neighbors any time soon. But at least John Waters can afford to live here sometimes, right?

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Annabel Ly
Annabel Ly

Am I the only person who saw him shopping at Barney's the next day??

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