DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, aka Erykah Badu, to Spin at Mezzanine

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Drew Williams/Dallas Observer
​Interplanetary wonder Erykah Badu, who will be in town to perform at Outside Lands on Aug. 12, will help local promotion outfit Ankh Marketing celebrate its seventh anniversary the same night, performing a DJ gig under her alias Lo Down Loretta Brown.

Badu Brown made her official DJ debut in December in Dallas, but those who follow her on Twitter have been known to be treated to a virtual form of her spinning, usually consisting of hours of YouTube links of popular and forgotten rap and soul jams and gems. She's also entered the mixtape game this week, though, as a host and not a DJ, fronting a new set from Brooklyn's Gods'Illa.

The Aug. 12 gig begins at 9 p.m. with local DJ D Sharp. Admission is $20; for more info, call 625-8880 or visit the Mezzanine site.

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Sad Sad Sad
Sad Sad Sad

Her "DJ'ing" was one of the worst performances I have ever experienced. No emotion, no skill, no nothing. She didn't come on until 12:45 and after about 30 minutes of hoping something good would come out of the speakers, we left as did half the club. It was extremely disappointing. At least we got to see EPMD


I was also there, and will echo the fact that it sucked beyond belief.  Her opening DJs and EPMD were extremely talented and prepped the crowd of 500 for her about as well as anyone could: people were ready to party.  EB came out and fumbled with her DJ rig for 20 minutes before making any noise come out of it -- and then what DID come out of it left everyone scratching their heads and wondering: WHY.


Gods'illa are from DC, not Brooklyn

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