Wanna Be an Intern for Wu-Tang?

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These guys could be your new bosses.
​Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with, but they could be an excellent internship opportunity.

If today's (very legitimate-looking) Craigslist post is to be trusted, the group's management firm is looking for an office intern. So what does it take to work for Wu-Tang, aside from an obvious ability not to let cash rule everything around you?

Hit the jump to find out if you're qualified.

​If you want to work for Wu-Tang, you must have "excellent written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse audiences," with a "professional demeanor," the post says. That would probably disqualify you from reciting any number of Wu-Tang verses in the office but, you know, it'd probably be cool.

We called Amar on the phone number listed, and he assured us the opportunity was very real. No word on whether you earn school credit.

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You  must also promise to Never Reveal The Wu Tang Secret.

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