Smash Mouth's Steve Harwell Promises to Eat Two Dozen Eggs -- for a Cause

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Steve Harwell: Ready to eat eggs.
​Steve Harwell, the frontman for the San Jose-based '90s pop rock band Smash Mouth, is getting ready to eat a couple dozen eggs -- for a price.

As soon as $10,000 has been raised on behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital on, Harwell will down 24 eggs, according to the gossip site Oh No They Didn't.

Apparently, a lot of you want to see Harwell get sick: So far, the campaign has raised $5667.50.

The now-international campaign seems to have grown out of a silly request by Johnny "DocEvil" Titanium of local satire site Something Awful: "I will give the lead man from Smash Mouth $20 if he lets me film him eating 24 eggs," Titanium wrote. "I want to go to San Jose and film him eating the eggs and put it on YouTube so we can all watch it.

"Smash Mouth, the eggs are free. I will give you two dozen free eggs. Free of charge eggs, Steve Harwell. I just want to film it. I just want to watch you eat a bunch of eggs. Please."

After nearly a month of prodding, the band responded via Twitter that the game was on -- so long as the right funds for its favorite charity were secured. So in case you needed it, here's further proof that the Internet is a place where the most improbable dreams come true.

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update, he didnt eat the eggs

George Fletcher
George Fletcher

Sick on dairy? Since when are eggs milk based? this is possibly a crazy person writing this. i think the AUTHOR of this article needs to EAT THE EGGS


Smash Mouth eat the eggs

Mr. Mouth you eat those eggs

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