Metallica to Celebrate 30 Years with $6 Fanclub-Only Shows at the Fillmore

Metallica: Pushing 30.

Metallica, the biggest heavy metal band in the world, turns 30 this December. How old does that make you feel? Considering we were young enough when ...And Justice for All came out to be truly frightened by the "One" video (like, call our mom at work scared), it makes us feel pretty old.

But while getting old generally sucks, that may be different for Metallica. Or at least for the members of its fanclub, who will be privy to a special run of shows at the lovely and intimate Fillmore to celebrate the anniversary.

That's right, you heard us: Metallica is playing the Fillmore.

The birthday bash will last through this December 5, 7, 9, and 10. According to a recent posting on the band's website, "the shows will include special guests and events, rare songs, varied set lists, odds and ends, and all the nutty stuff you expect from Metallica."

Again, these shows are only open to fanclub members. But the news gets better for those lucky metalheads. In a truly surprising move, Metallica is "going back to early-'80s ticket pricing." Which means you can get a ticket to all four shows for just $19.81 (get it?) and any one show for just $6. That's cheaper than most drinks you can get at the Fillmore.

All of which rules for fanclub members. But will civilians ever get a chance to see the Bay Area's heaviest export? The only other local show the band has on its agenda at the moment is a set at the annual Salesforce convention at Moscone Center on Wednesday, Aug. 23. Considering the band has dates in New York City, Rio de Janeiro, and Bangalore coming up, we hope it'll schedule a big show for regular local fans soon.

Also: Check out the Double Black Album, a Metallica/Jay-Z mashup by DJ Cheap Cologne.

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how about they just play a large venue at a lower price to actually show appreciation to ALL the fans that want to see them

the ticket price is cool and all, but unless you're going to say hey, everyone in MetClub can get in, then why the hell be in metclub


buy the goddamnmed fillmore and just play all the timeĀ 

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