James Hetfield to Marin Hikers: "Don't Tread on Me (Or My Property)!"

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Metallica singer James Hetfield
​Exit light, enter night, if you will -- but don't go entering into James Hetfield's sprawling Marin County property.

The Metallica singer and rhythm guitarist erected a metal fence on his ranch that blocked off a popular trail connecting two nature preserves. So Marin County is now working on a three-mile trail to get around the fence and allow hikers to travel between the areas -- at a startling cost of $650,000.

The story begins in 2008, when Hetfield built the fence to keep out hikers whom he said were damaging his property. The fence blocked off the Luiz Ranch Fire Trail, sparking a controversy, naturally, because hikers could no longer travel between the Terra Linda-Sleepy Hollow Divide and the Loma Alta Open Space preserves.

Google Maps
The red "A" (top left) shows the approximate location of the nature preserves

The only solution was to build another trail around the Hetfield land. And with all the needed environmental reviews, trail design, and state-required reports, the new route didn't come cheap. Most of the $650,000 cost will be put up by Marin County, with help from a $56,000 grant from the North Bay Conservation Corps.

When finished -- likely by September -- the new path will be known as the 680 Trail, so named because it takes hikers to more than 680 feet above sea level. "When it's done it will be beautiful," Chris Bramham, superintendent of the Marin Open Space District, told the Marin Independent Journal. "The views from here are fantastic."

Bramham also says that county officials aren't upset with Hetfield, even though it was his fence that required the trail be built. He's allowed construction crews use of his private road to access the work site, and even paid for road improvements. "We have no problems with him," Bramham told the IJ. And on second thought, Hetfield's generosity seems only proper for the man who penned "Wherever I May Roam."

[Marin Independent-Journal]

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MtTam Ranger
MtTam Ranger

It's a said commentary when transplants come to Marin for it's beauty and open space only to cut down redwood trees and erect fences. Welcome to the new L.A. of the north.


Yeah for James...........I'd do the same thing....whats mine is mine and aint nobody going to walk through it!!!!!!................Metallica is life!!!!


Come down stairs right now ! Your cup of Ovaltine and Flintstone vitamin is of the breakfast nook...Mom


Fuck you James Hetfield. You and your band are no longer relevant. 


fuck u... if u think hetfield and his band are no longer relevant...why do u even bother reading and commenting on articles abt them??


Fuck Hatfield and Metallica. I read this because  used to hike that trail. And yeah Metallica is another washed up irrelevant generic metal band on the ash heap of musical history.  They're gonna be more remembered for multi-millionaire Lars Ulrich BAWWWWWING like a little baby about napster costing him millions and millions of dollars and then becoming everything we hate about the 1%. Yeah Screw Hatfield, Ulrich, Metallica and the whole lot of them.  They should have charged him the half million dollars for the trail.


Mr. Hetfield , in an interview , once described himself as "capitalist/anarchist"..  Wuh'..? aka 'Libertarian'...hence.

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