J Dilla's 10 Greatest Remixes

Brand New Heavies "(The Ummah Mix)"

Acid jazz attack! One of the more convincing examples of the potential of the Ummah production unit composed of Dilla, Q-Tip, and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, the clipped beat and close-cropped keyboard lines sync lovely with Siedah Garrett's vocals, while Tip also contributes a guest rap. Alas though, the video would be a lot funnier if it were portly metal-masked rap villain MF Doom and not Q-Tip looking seedy in the faux retro club.

DJ Cam, "Love Junkee (Dilla Vocal Remix)"

Originally a collaboration between French trip-hop producer DJ Cam and Cameo vocalist and amateur codpiece enthusiast Larry Blackmon, Dilla relies on his fall-back remix trick of stripping the track down, this time dispatching with the twinkly organ riffs and adding an extra level of crunch to the drums. His trademark holler of "Turn it up!" is also present and correct.

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Jeff Red Berry
Jeff Red Berry

Thanks for putting that up.

Dug the "Steve Spacek "Eve" remix, never heard that one before.

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