Why Oh Why: Souls of Mischief's A-Plus Drops Red Hot Chili Peppers Tribute EP

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The music makes about as much sense as the cover art.

Maybe there was something in his blunt.

Otherwise, what the hell was A-Plus thinking? The Oakland rapper -- a member of the celebrated alternative hip-hop crews Souls of Mischief and Hieroglyphics -- just went and dropped a tribute EP called Pepper Spray. The problem: It's in tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The idea, it seems, is to honor various Chili Peppers hits by sampling them, turning them into hip-hop beats, and then rapping over them. And the last part, at least, goes okay: Whole world knows A-Plus can run his mouth like a hyperactive sprinter. He and his guests (which include Del) drop smooth, forceful rhymes throughout this EP.

Our issue is with the concept. For one, having a street-hugging Oakland hip-hop crew pay homage to one of the most bloated and overexposed jock-rock bands of the last 25 years feels wrong. Sure, R.H.C.P. has some semidecent songs. But any nondeaf people who've come within a continent of F.M. radio in their lifetimes has heard all of them. Does anyone -- much less a bunch of underdog rappers -- really need to throw another twig on the sky-scraping bonfire of Chili Peppers fandom? Can't they leave that to Rolling Stone?

Listening to the EP, it's not clear what A-Plus seeks to accomplish. Yep, we've heard those samples before. Looping a John Frusciante guitar lick over and over doesn't give us any particularly new insights about it. (On the "Give It Away" tribute, it's actually quite annoying.) And it's not like the Chili Peppers' ability to drop a fat groove has gone underappreciated in the band's interminable career. Turning the pectoralis funk of "Can't Stop" into a stuttering boom-bap is hardly a mind-blowing production move.

Then there are the curious rhymes: At best, A-Plus' rapping -- which cribs randomly from the original songs' lyrics -- feels uncomfortably tethered to the hits it salutes. At worst, this project sounds like a mashup between one song you've heard way too many times and another you haven't heard at all.

Unfortunately, this R.H.C.P. tribute is just the first in a series of free tribute EPs A-Plus has planned for this year. Future efforts will celebrate the previously overlooked efforts of Rage Against the Machine, the White Stripes, and Nirvana. Next up, we hear he's planning to remix the love songs of a little-known Irish group called U2.

Hear and download the Pepper Spray EP here.

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I dont neccessarily agree with the review BUT, Let the critics live. It's an opinion, and since when did critics have to like an album to review it? We've become too soft on a lot of artists these days which is why our culture is spiraling into stupidity. Keep expectations high and the blade sharp, there is a whole new generation of rap coming from Oakland, that true hip hop heads will appreciate.

not a SF Resident
not a SF Resident like.author.displayName 1 Like

WOW!! this is a terrible review of this EP. way to totally over-analyze. its actually very simple.... Anyone who likes RHCP and Hiero will dig this. if you dont dig this you prolly like odd future or yung jeezy or one of those so called rappers......  

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