Top Six Movie Parodies in Music Videos (Thanks, Foo Fighters)

Remember the quietly xenophobic, right-wing propaganda movie that was Falling Down? The one where Michael Douglas has a meltdown in Los Angeles and goes on a minirampage against mostly immigrants in his white shirt and horn-rimmed specs? The movie was extraordinarily silly on a number of levels, so we were delighted to find out that, in their new video for "Walk," Foo Fighters parody it. The results are a delight to behold, thanks largely to Dave Grohl (naturally). You can see the video here, but in honor of Foo's grand efforts, we give props to other artists that have paid tribute to classic cinematic moments. Here, then, are our top six most entertaining movie parodies in music videos.

6. Paula Abdul, "Rush, Rush" (Rebel Without a Cause)

In 1991, Keanu Reeves was at his finest. It was in that lovely pre-Matrix period where he'd moved past being a total doofus (Point Break, anyone?) and started earning cool points (largely thanks to My Own Private Idaho). Thus, he was perfect for Paula Abdul's Rebel Without a Cause tribute. It was probably all a ruse so she could make out with him and his floppy hair and serious eyebrows, but who can blame her? The final result sure is aesthetically pleasing.

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I would like to point out that Falling Down was not zenophobic or right wing. Have you actually watched it? Michael Douglas goes on a quest to see his daughter for her birthday only to get outraged by various events on the way, these include getting angry with a McDonalds style outlet for their stupid rules (no breakfast after 11am this is at a couple of minutes past 11) and then getting served a soggy rubbish excuse for food. He also gets very angry with a right wing Nazi sympathiser - I believe he either knocks him out or kills him because he was so disgusted with his views & Nazi paraphernalia.Please get your facts right. thanks. 

LA Weekly
LA Weekly

Haha. "I'm not racist. Some of the people I've knocked out or killed have been racist!"

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