Top Five Ways Justin Timberlake Can Save MySpace

Don't fret, Justin -- we can help.
So now Justin Timberlake -- unequivocal hearthrob, former member of N*Sync, and pop prodigy -- owns a stake in MySpace. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. sold the ailing social media site yesterday to Specific Media at a $545 million loss. Figuring Timberlake and Specific might want a few tips on how to get MySpace off life support, SF Weekly offers the following gratuitous and unsolicited advice:

1. Offer hapless users a bunch of idiotic, boring, and expensive online games involving pets, fish, and restaurants. Hey, it's worked before.

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I love Justin Timberlake but i amstill confused whether he will able to save myspace or not.I want to see him successful in his mission.

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