The Top 10 Harshest Pitchfork Disses of 2011 -- So Far

There's something undeniably juicy about reading an excoriating review of a new album -- especially on a site like Pitchfork, where a low score carries considerable weight, and where writers are given plenty of space and freedom to carve up the works they don't like. Given the choice, wouldn't you rather read a 2.8 review of a record your 12-year-old cousin loves than a 7.4 review of some other bearded indie-folk band from Portland? Hell, we would. In fact, we love a good rip so well we thought it'd be fun to recount some of the better disses the website has dished out so far this year. Here, in about one sentence each, are Pitchfork's top 10 harshest disses of 2011.

10. MillionYoung, Replicants -- 3.8


"Replicants' problems extend beyond vocal limitations; the real issue is that, at 13 tracks and 40 minutes, this record plays like a shiftlessly uninteresting, self-parodic slab of warm-in-2010 pastiche." -- Larry Fitzmaurice

9. The Head and the Heart, S/T -- 3.8

The Head and the Heart

"Conceptually, they're close to Mumford & Sons: opportunistic in their borrowings, yet entirely unimaginative in the execution. Theirs is a thoroughly timid, tentative take on Americana: roots music without the roots." -- Stephen M. Deusner

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