Six Reasons Everyone Drove to Tuesday's U2 Concert and Caused a Huge Traffic Jam

You don't get traffic jams the size of the one on I-880 Tuesday night for just any reason -- not even when one of the world's biggest rock bands is playing a sold-out show at Coliseum. The mess was so bad that some fans who missed the show are now reportedly pondering a lawsuit.

Enough people chose to take their cars to a U2 concert that it filled up the entire parking lot at the Coliseum. This can't have been a coincidence. Below, our six best guesses as to what the fans were thinking when they got in the car Tuesday night.


1. Thought U2's 360° stage was a bid for most energy-sucking musical performance ever, and wanted to do their part.

2. Wraparound shades just don't look as cool when you're riding public transit.

Christopher Victorio

3. Tickets were so expensive that the limousine ride was thrown in for free.

No space left for cars -- or limos!

4. Driving meant as a sly reference to that time U2 performed under the Embarcadero Freeway and stopped traffic.

5. They just wanted to send more money to support people in those Arab countries Bono mentioned during the show, okay?

6. Car provided quickest possible escape in case band played any songs off of Pop. (Because even U2 fans hate "Miami," below.)

You got a theory? Leave it in the comments!

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How I just love the super-smarmy blogger guy...perhaps it has to do with the crappy setup of the infrastructure in Oakland! :-)


I love that fvcking song


No traffic jams on the way to SF's Bicycle Music Festival!Saturday, June 18,

Why be stuck in traffic when you could be drinking bike-blended smoothies and pedaling the 100% human-powered sound system with your new friends?F#%* traffic jams.

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