OMG! Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj Get Into (Imaginary) Catfight in San Jose!

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​As far as we could tell, Saturday night's Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj show at HP Pavilion in San Jose went off without a hitch -- unless you count the two fire-and-brimstone picketers who harassed fans outside. The set times conformed almost exactly to the schedule provided to us by promoter Live Nation, give or take about five extra minutes of Spears.

So imagine our mock horror when we discovered Media TakeOut's "world exclusive" report of a catfight that supposedly took place after the show, when Spears, allegedly angered by Minaj going 45 minutes over her set time, went to confront her after the show:

The insider added, "Britney came by Nicki's dressing room with her [gay] dancers. They were talking sh*t like they were going to do something. Nicki came out [her dressing room] and at first was going to beat someone's azz. But when she saw how RIDICULOUS Britney and them looked, she just laughed.

Media TakeOut, for the uninitiated, is the online urban gossip equivalent of the Weekly World News, that tabloid rag that's always proclaiming headlines like "FBI Captures Bat Boy" or "Hillary Clinton Adopts Alien Baby." The site has had a lot to say about Minaj in particular; it has made her pregnant at least twice in the past two years, and has devoted a good dozen posts to the authenticity of her "booty cakes." Pregnancy and fighting are popular themes there, as are grainy photos and videos purporting to be male rap stars in homosexual (or even transsexual) situations.

For amazing commentary in the form of priceless animated GIFs and witty snarkicisms, check out the response to this imaginary pop tart brawl at gossip community Oh No They Didn't, where we first spotted this hard-hitting and totally not real news item.

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Johnny Ringo
Johnny Ringo

That's a damn shame.  Would have loved to see that catfight!

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