Lou Reed on Metallica Project: 'Maybe the Best Thing Done by Anyone, Ever'

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Reed with Metallica's James Hetfield: The creation of a new planetary system?

Lou Reed is not one for modesty, ladies and gentlemen.

We told you last week about his new collaboration with Metallica, which was recorded right up the road from S.F. at Metallica's studio in San Rafael. The as-yet-nameless album has Lou Reed issuing Edgar Allen Poe-inspired lyrics in a smoky deadpan (gotta be) over (presumably) massive chugging from Metallica. Rolling Stone's David Fricke heard the record and says it's awesome, for whatever that's worth. And today, the ex-Velvet himself took to Vulture to hype the project in his own way. Humble? Modest? Mild? It was none of those things.


What about staging [Edgar Allen Poe adaptation] Lulu with the music you did with Metallica? When are we ever going to hear the results of that session? I don't think Metallica wants to be a band on Broadway! [Chuckles.] They're metalheads. They're not going to do that. But the version of the Lulu music I did with Metallica is awe-inspiring. It's maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever. It could create another planetary system. I'm not joking, and I'm not being egotistical.

Well, at least one of his points in that last sentence was true. As for the album, Reed says elsewhere in this interview that it should come out by November. We can presumably expect the new planetary system he promised by then, too.


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Karl Stein
Karl Stein

I guess when you're out of ideas and riffs, you aim for the Baby Boomers and their wallets.Bye, bye, Tin Men.

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