Lesson of the Day: Don't Throw Away Your Mix CDs

SF Weekly's own Exhibitionist uncovered a "Secret Admirer" mix CD (double disc!) found in the used bin of a Valencia Street bookstore, complete with a (possibly unopened) note giving track-by-track commentary, and saddest of all, a date of creation: May 2011.

​Highlights include:

  • An (ironic?) assessment of "Ingrown," by Smudge: "The singer of this band also played guitar for the Lemonheads, but I think Smudge is way better and it's kind of weird they were never as famous, but that probably makes them cooler."
  • A summation of Liz Phair's career in one sentence: "Too bad she only had one good album."
  • (Possibly) embarrassing admissions: "My best friend & I used to listen to this song and drive around the mall looking for cute punk boys. Sadly there were none anywhere ever." (On "P.R.D.C.T.," by Bratmobile)
  • The most accurate four words on Little Pete's favorite song: ("Summerbaby," by Polaris): "it's, like, so good."
  • The slow realization that the "secret admirer" recipient of the mix hocked it into the recycling bin less than a month after receiving it.

The whole thing is painstakingly documented at the Exhibitionist.

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