Kreayshawn Producer DJ Two Stacks on the Making of "Gucci Gucci"

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Do you feel it's going to be hard to live up to the success of "Gucci Gucci" with the next song you release?
I don't feel any pressure 'cause I already know what's coming and I'm confident of what we've made and that they're gonna continue to love it. I know that just off the reaction of the first record, and I think Kreayshawn feels the same way.

Did you make much money off of the "Gucci Gucci" beat, or has it mainly been about boosting your own profile?
I made a little bit; I'm not gonna really speak on that in detail. But yes, I signed off on it and I've been compensated. But I also have tons of people reaching out now, so I'm sure people are going to start hearing my sound on a lot of other artists' albums now.

Which other hip-hop producers do you look up to?
DJ Premier, RZA obviously 'cause I'm from Staten Island, the Neptunes ... J Dilla is one of my big inspirations in life, plus Madlib. I listen to a lot of "rappity rap" kind of stuff.

People might not expect to hear you name-check Wu-Tang Clan, what with "Gucci Gucci" having some Southern hip-hop influences in it.
Yeah, I mean, Wu-Tang was huge in Staten Island -- they were everywhere really! I'm young though, so I wasn't really in the mix during that whole era, but it's definitely a big influence on me.

Beyond working with Kreayshawn, what else do you have coming up for release?
I have a lot of mixtapes that I'm about to drop -- I've been doing that for a minute -- so watch out for them.

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Two stacks is super chill I've talked to him. Seems like a trill down to earth guy. Hope he keeps doin it big!


LLers are moving up in the world.

Haz 0
Haz 0

This song is all about Two Stacks; informative article!

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