Kanye West's "Monster" Video: Not Gonna Do Kanye's Public Image Many Favors

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"Monster," indeed.
The new final clip for Kanye West's "Monster" -- or what may become known as the dead-model orgy video -- makes the rapper look every bit as conceited and shallow and tone-deaf as his detractors say he is. And the disclaimer at the beginning doesn't help one bit. Maybe decorating a video set with the supposed corpses of skinny beautiful women would be less cringe-inducing if it served some larger point. But it doesn't here -- and as Eric Harvey and others have noted, West essentially shrugs off any statement the video could make by slapping that awkward disclaimer on the front of it.

Most of the video is spent simply demonstrating the monstrosity of its main characters -- West, Nicki Minaj, Ross, and Jay-Z -- which is accomplished almost solely through the presentation of various dead bodies. Nearly all of them are female, and all appear to have meet their end violently (is that death-by-sofa-cushion in the Jay-Z part?), so we're talking a rather garden-variety horror aesthetic here -- not anything freshly chilling or transgressive.

One highlight: Minaj dominates a pink-haired version of herself for the song's best verse. Cool.

But what we really get from this is more of the feeling that West is a less-brave version of his own monster alter ego -- a being obsessed with appearance and attention, willing to do all kinds of sick and ultimately senseless things to get it. And didn't we kind of already know and/or fear that?

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Typically dysfunctional... arrested development. A hundred times a thousand.

The Bubblegum Gang
The Bubblegum Gang

There's absolutely nothing in this video that isn't in every single horror movie out there. It's absurd that people are getting upset over a 5 minute long music video when there are 90 minute long films that actually depict murder, rape and violence rather than just showing bodies of dead models.

Yes, actual people decided upon the content of this film clip. However, so does everyone involved in a horror movie. If people are going to get upset about this then they should get upset about every new horror release and all of the people behind making them.

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