Jane's Addiction to Release New Album, World Covers Ears in Anticipation

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A funny thing happens to a lot of old rock stars. Maybe it's because they're surrounded by sycophants who never say no. Or because all that fan adoration goes to their heads. Or because too much critical acclaim can irreversibly inflate the ego. Whatever it is, quite frequently they just lose touch with reality and assume that 20 years past a band's peak, fans still desperately want to hear new material from them as much as they used to.

This doesn't happen to all of them:- Pearl Jam is the best example of how to gracefully turn into aging rockers and still make music people want to listen to. The members of Bon Jovi have continued with their career because they know what their audience wants -- big anthems, big hair, big arenas -- and they've never tried to turn themselves into something they're not. And an artist like Slash seems to keep going for his own reasons -- he knows he's never going to be Guns 'N Roses, but he loves to collaborate and he loves to play, so he'll just do it without too much fanfare and hope for the best.

But there will always be frontmen like Scott Weiland and Axl Rose, who never lose their vastly inflated egos, even when the world is laughing at them. A similar sense of self-importance has never left Perry Farrell.


Which is probably why he's been talking up Jane's Addiction's forthcoming album, The Great Escape Artist, as if the band never left. "I wanna be important to your past and your history," Farrell told Reuters this week, "but I also wanna be part of this year and next year and the year after that."

Given the fact that all he's done in the last eight years is make embarrassing collaborations with Etty Lau Farrell, his cartoon of a wife, it's hard to view him as all that important right now. He and Lau are practically joined at the hip: First there was the vanity project and concept band, the Satellite Party, then there was E! reality show Married to Rock (groan), and, oh yeah, there was this. This actually happened:

Truly awful.

In a historical sense, there's no doubting that Farrell has been incredibly significant for music. Never mind that Jane's Addiction's Ritual de lo Habitual remains a timeless, boundary-pushing classic that still sounds like no one else, the man is responsible for Lollapalooza: the festival that changed all festivals -- and some would argue, alternative culture itself -- forever.

ritual de lo habitual.jpg

The problem is, when bands re-emerge after long breaks, a ton of on-off drama and weird reality television bullshit (guitarist Dave Navarro is as guilty as Farrell on that front), the music is usually at best passable. At worst, it's embarrassing. Jane's' 2003 Strays album wasn't as bad as we were expecting, but neither was it mind-blowing (to say the least). And coming back again, eight years later, all the while emphasizing that this
record will use loops and electronics to sound more current is just ... kind of sad.

Since this entire thing smacks a little of desperation or egos running amok, we'd advice you to just close your eyes, cover your ears, and wait for it all to be over.


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People criticizing JA for putting out records after Avery left may make sense on the surface...he was great...but he isn;t the only amazing player in the band. 3/4 of JA still want to produce amazing music. Should they just quit because Avery is a quitter????  Stop being a hater. Just don't listen to the new JA. NS and RDLH are insane records. Strays was not up to that quality---but what COULD be?


Rae, your f**king joke! I can only imagine what kind of garbage you would give a good review to. A) Who the hell can duplicate anything they did 20 years ago, and why would they try to...B) As a Jane's fan, I can hear right off the bat the true roots from Jane's past, and recognize the almost seamless evolution of where they have arrived. This band has never saturated any market in it's 25 years existence. Somehow, retards like yourself, can't understand that it's just the way they like it. Exclusive is what it's called. You were probably anti- from back in the day you frigging phony!


What a pathetic review of an album thats not even been released yet. Stays was a good album with catchy tunes bring JA into the 21st centry and expect this one to be a classic too. The Single 'End to the Lies' has great melody & lyrics. Rae Alexanda, you should listen before you write an opinionated blog with little relevance to what its supposed to about.


no Eric Avery equals   No "real" Jane's Addiction album...again.    That band was put to rest in 1991.   There was hope when Eric decided to come back....but that was short lived. too bad.  Don't blame him for leaving again. Dave and Perry are pathetic now.  shame.  Jane's were once great....


To be fair, imagine all the awful shit the Beatles would have put out if they'd regrouped in the 80's.

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