Apple's iCloud Gonna Make It a Cloudy Kind of Day in S.F.

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Sun not expected today, figuratively speaking.

The real reason for all the June gloom: Perhaps our weather system is anticipating today's events at Moscone Center? There, Apple is expected to unveil, among other things, its long-awaited cloud music service, which (all early reports suggest) will be called iCloud. Those of you up on such developments will recall that unlike Google and Amazon, Apple has actually made deals with the big labels for its service -- which means we're likely to see some whiz-bang new features unveiled today.

Whether those features actually change the music-listening landscape, of course, remains to be seen -- count us as among the most skeptical about this superhyped cloud music thing.

Steve Jobs is expected to give today's talk himself. It begins at 10 a.m., and various places around the web will be live-blogging it if you are shivering with anticipation. (We'll be following it over at BoingBoing.)

In case you want a primer on what's at stake, Hypebot has a quick reminder of why the iCloud unveiling could be pretty important.

That said, we're still skeptical. Go ahead and persuade us, Steve. Make us want the cloud. Right now, we just want to see the June sun.

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