All Shook Down Music Fest: Featuring S.F.'s Maus Haus

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Maus Haus

This is the part where we say, "You haven't heard Maus Haus yet?"

We'd point out that this S.F. outfit is at the forefront of the local weirdo synth-dance-pysch-pop scene, but there really aren't enough groups that sound like Maus Haus to constitute a scene. These guys are pretty much on their own -- and that's a good thing. Heard through headphones, their music sounds like a Kraftwerk/Pink Floyd mashup crackling through an absinthe hallucination. (A note on their Facebook page includes the fitting tag "think/dance.") But get them on stage -- like, say, at last year's Treasure Island Music Festival -- and even their stranger sonic detours will get a crowd swaying heartily.

So we're more than mildly excited to announce that Maus Haus will be sharing a stage (although not at the same time) with Crystal Castles and Mistah Fab at our All Shook Down Music Fest this Aug. 6.

The whole thing goes down at the Regency Center in the evening of Saturday, Aug. 6. Tickets are available here; but check here for a special deal.

And now, enjoy some Maus Haus:

For more on the band, check out a Q&A we did with Maus Haus last year.

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The Regency Ballroom

1290 Sutter, San Francisco, CA

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