Jane's Addiction at Google: The Revolution Will Be Ruined by People with Smartphones

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Jane's Addiction, on ten million screens.

Pretty much every concert is a forest of cellphone videography these days, but this one especially: Jane's Addiction, performing at Google's I/O developer conference last night. Check out the full official video of the band's 40-minute set below -- it's great quality video and audio, but that's because it wasn't taken with a Droid or an iPhone. Bonus hate moment: the people holding up their goddamn tablet computers over their heads, taking video. At any other show, this kind of behavior would get you beat up.

Given that they were playing to a bunch of wallflowery tech nerds, Jane's Addiction looks pretty decent here, though:

Bonus bonus moment: Perry Farrell calling it "Googlepalooza."

Statement we do not believe: Perry Farrell [to audience member]: "I don't know what we got paid here, we just did it just because, right?"


Also, Perry has a line about putting a computer on his dick about 15 minutes in that still has us confused. Any thoughts?

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