The Raveonettes, Tamaryn Trip Out at Bimbo's 365 Club

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Kevin Henderson
The Raveonettes at Bimbo's last night.
The Raveonettes
May 10, 2011
@ Bimbo's 365 Club

Better than:
Love in a trash can.

Bimbo's 365 Club was built in 1931, during the latter years of Prohibition.
Despite its status as San Francisco's first modern nightclub, you can
still see design holdovers from the glory days of the city's bordello
past, such as the whimsically buttery studies of mermaid nudes lining
the walls inside. Entertainers including adenoidal Tony Martin and butt-naked Iggy Pop have capered and bellowed from this stage, which, when I arrived last night, was just beginning to draw the expectant attention of about two
hundred fans, most of whom looked a tad frumpy in such surroundings.

Kevin Henderson
Tamaryn traffics in neogothic pavement psychedelia of the kind I've doted on since well before walking into my first weed-drenched L.A. room where Silversun Pickups or Darker My Love held forth. As befits such grindingly slow and dreamily doomy music, the band performed in darkness roughly the hue of 20-weight motor oil. My photographer, snapping pics for practice on her night off, sniffed indignantly at the inky shapes onstage and my own notes from the set are few and illegible. Tamaryn's voice has some of Hope Sandoval's high ethereal spookiness, but with a tincture of honeyed warmth impressive on disc and to kill live. It was enough to give context to the dainty mermaids hanging out at the bar.

Kevin Henderson
The lights went up (to a startling degree), and the P.A. flooded the room with soft innocuousness from the likes of Nat King Cole. The room began to crowd, but the headliners didn't tarry, so by 10:30 the audience was up to its earlobes in the wintry, crackling noise pop of The Raveonettes. Tunes like "Heart of Stone" and "Love in a Trash Can" romp like vintage psych nuggetry while displaying the slitting-edge sparkle of a more cynical era. Still spry and full of jejune wonderment a decade after the duo's first sessions in Copenhagen, Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo grinned at the audience like they wanted to eat us, with latter beaming and chirping about the beauties of San Francisco the same as everyone else does. "We just get a little shy sometimes," Sharin cooed, as some nasal boor honked "Shaddup! Yer gorgeous!" at her. We got an encore anyway, which came gentle as a caress after all the preceding blunderbuss.

Kevin Henderson
Overheard: Mildly angry man: "So I told his fake-ass friend to haul his fuckin' fat, fuckin' big, fat ass up the hill for his own fuckin' sandwich, the fat-ass fuck."

Setlist for The Raveonettes:

Recharge & Revolt
War in Heaven
Let Me On Out
Dead Sound
Noisy Summer
Love in a Trashcan
Evil Seeds
The Love Gang
My Tornado
Attack of the Ghost Riders
Heart of Stone
My Time's Up

Kevin Henderson

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Bimbo's 365 Club

1025 Columbus, San Francisco, CA

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