The 13 Most Shocking Things from Last Night's Billboard Awards

We could talk to you about the fact that Cee-Lo Green went upside down on a levitating piano or that Rihanna performed looking like a cheap Sunset Boulevard hooker, but there were a bunch of other things that happened at last night's Billboard Awards that confused and bemused us far more. Here are our 13 most shocking moments.


  • Taylor Swift cheek-kissed Ke$ha on her way to
 pick up the Album Artist of the Year award and still managed to arrive at the podium with her porcelain rodent-face free of multicolored smudges, glitter, and filth. Ke$ha, you're slipping, girl.
You used to be way oilier than this. We're disappointed in you.

  • Bret Michaels made an appearance without wearing one item of Ed
Hardy clothing.

  • While performing with the rest of the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie wore a light-up dress, covered in a pattern that made it look like there was a glow-in-the-dark dildo positioned perfectly over her crotch. She then sang, "I wanna jam inside your love." Now we all know where she wants to jam it. Thanks for that, Fergs. This was even classier than "My Humps."
  • People keep letting the Black Eyed Peas perform in public.  

  • UP NEXT: The Asian guy from The Hangover: not that funny. Plus, Snoop Dogg is down with Far East Movement, for some reason.

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