Pomplamoose Covers the Angry Birds Theme, Because You Don't Hear it Enough Already

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One more red bird and we'll crush her...

We've been taking a hiatus from Pomplamoose news after our cover story on the local YouTube sensation back in February, but this is too memetastic to resist: It's Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn covering the theme from Angry Birds -- that little cellphone videogame you use to keep from slitting your wrists while riding Muni.

If not already an unhealthy obsession among the smartphone classes, Angry Birds is soon to become one. This video will only contribute, as Conte and Dawn supply a cute but raucous cover of the game's rather innocuous theme. Their version begins with Dawn's sweet vocals and features one of Pomplamoose's heaviest guitar-rock moments so far. The blitz of a video clip has Conte and Dawn brawling in a slapsticky, Angry Birds style. All that's missing are the chortling pigs.

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Conan Neutron
Conan Neutron

Sadly, Pimplemoose is exactly the sort of band we deserve right now, that speaks less to their credit and more to our culture's discredit. They know their market/audience though, that is for SURE.

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