Lady Gaga Continues War Against Boring, Puts Fear Of Christ Into "American Idol" Contestants

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Bringing the exotic to the mundane -- and staying cool. How does Gaga do it?
This week, Lady Gaga proved she could take any old rotten lemons thrown at her and make delicious lemonade out of them, by appearing on American Idol as a guest mentor. Which, frankly, we thought was a tad beneath her. Especially since she's the kind of artist that would be lucky to make it through the audition stage (as she herself noted), let alone be crowned winner of the thing.

Unless you count Adam Lambert, "weird" isn't really allowed on Idol unless you're a judge (speaking of which, we have actually been enjoying Steven Tyler a great deal this season - if crazy must be present on the judging panel, we'll take him and his howling, leering lunacy over Paula Abdul's nonsensical rambling any day).

Anyway, on Gaga came, wearing giant hooves and not many clothes (as is her way 24/7, apparently) and proceeded to work her magic by groping contestants, asking them to embrace "evil," and making Scotty McCreery fear what Jesus would think. 

But what was truly amazing was that Gaga genuinely seemed to give a shit. She put her heart and soul into this. She cared. She's was passionate. She gave the contestants -- gasp! -- solid advice. And what's more, she took a show that is seriously lagging in the compulsive viewing stakes right now (that's what The Voice is for, people) and made it a Must Watch.

We can only assume that this blind passion for nonsense is also what convinced her that previewing songs from new album, Born This Way, on FarmVille (that life-wasting, dull-as-dishwater Zynga "game" that's doing so well these days) was a good idea.


Given the fact that Lady Gaga has about as much in common with FarmVille as a concept, as she does with Bolshevism, we have to assume she was compelled to do this for the same reason she agreed to do Idol -- a personal war against boring.

Maybe that's her new thing: taking our poor and our tired concepts and adding some sparkle, glamour and joyous goddamn lunacy. The obvious next step would be some cameos on past-their-sell-by-date sitcoms -- and, yes, if Gaga was on them, we'd totally watch those, too.

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The reason she did idol was for promo dumbass.

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