The 5 Most Ridiculous Things Katy Perry Needs to Play Live


The Smoking Gun yesterday leaked excerpts from Katy Perry's 45-page 2011 tour rider -- the legal document that spells out all the things promoters need to provide in order for her to play live. The document includes dressing room decor requests, organic, dried, and frozen fruits (she is a "California Gurl," after all), a 23-item list of chauffeur instructions, and a highly questionable ticket reselling policy. Here are her five most ridiculous requests.

1. Her Dressing Room

Perry's dressing room must be draped in cream or soft pink, and include two egg chairs, one with footstool, in cream. We assume that she brings along her own bubblegum-scented air freshener.


2. Her Chauffeur

Apparently a 23-point list is necessary to let the driver know not to talk to, or look at Katy, her friends, or her fans:

No. 6: Driver will not start a conversation with the client.

No. 10: Driver will not talk to the client's guests or fans.

No. 16: Do not stare at the backseat through the rearview mirror.

No. 23: Do not ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!

3. Food and Drink

Perry requests a farmer's market worth of organic, frozen, and dried fruit, and various baked and whole wheat snacks. But as always, the alcohol is the most interesting item. It's not quite a Jagerbomb, but certainly no night with Katy Perry is complete without a couple bottles of Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio and a six pack of Sprite. We're just wondering if she calls it "funky juice," too.


4. Flowers

In addition to the pink draperies covering her room, there must be an arrangement of fresh flowers, in pink. Just in case pink flowers aren't available, she'll accept seasonal white flowers, but ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS (yes, it's capitalized and underlined). Fingers crossed for the upcoming dressing room meltdown video.

5. Ticket Reselling

In case you were worried that there wasn't enough money to be made from being Katy Perry, the contract also contains a clause allowing the manager to request any number of tickets to sell through resellers like StubHub, and to retain all profits made in those "secondary market" sales. Just for comparison, a ticket to Katy Perry's August 12 show at HP Pavilion can be had for somewhere between $45.25 and $57.50, compared to Stubhub's secondary market price of $88 to $450. And that's for a show that's almost three months away. You'd think at least she could afford her own egg chair.

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What a freaking ungrateful spoiled brat of a performer. WTF happened to the days when someone could perform without all these ridiculous extras. She's an idiot. 

Jommo Woles
Jommo Woles

I really hate celebrities. Most of them are absolute scum behind closed doors.


her mindless entourage 


does reading this make anybody else want to get a job as a chauffeur just to drive this spoiled twat and here mindless entourage into the nearest body of water??


 Stupid moron. I hope you die and I hope you read this, I would love to drive you around so I can tell you what an idiot asshole moron you and your faggot husband are.   

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