It's Always Sexy Time: Sassy Explains How to Be a Garage-Rock Goddess

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Photo by Neil Motteram

Trixie Delicious and Kitty Largewood of Sassy have traveled the world, getting by on their sultry rock 'n' roll sass and raw talent. But between road stints, they're always happy to boom-swagger-swagger-boom back to Oakland and San Francisco, respectively. On the eve of the release of their second album, Diggin' Deep, we sat down with vocalist/guitarist/catwoman Trixie to find out how you become a garage-rock goddess.

  • Remember: You Don't Need Many Instruments
    "Our required gear is as follows: Marshall, bass combo amp, stripped-down drum kit (sans cases), eyeliner, and a buckskin vest. Also, every Sassy mic stand shalt have a beer holder (it's the law)."

  • The Fewer Band Members You Have, the More Crap You Can Take on Tour
    "We only need a little space for our gear -- we need way more for our massive collection of 7-inch leather heels. Touring is always a blast, but it's cheaper when there's only two people. So now we like the fancy stuff -- Moet, Grey Goose, Stella ... the boys go broke."

  • Wardrobe! Wardrobe! Wardrobe!
    "We believe that matching outfits are the way forward. We also believe in push-up bras, fishnets, eyeliner, lip gloss, big hair (go fake if you need to), and the 'Dirty Martini' outfit. What's the 'Dirty Martini' outfit? Let's just say it's a head-turner..."

  • Mix the Sweet with the Sour
    "Every rock band must play a Sweet (yes, we mean the band) song. If you are unable or unwilling to do this, you are not rock 'n' roll. Our Sweet song of choice is 'Hellraiser'... and we fuck it up real nice, so there's some sour in there too."

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  • Embrace Your Own Mythology
    "Trixie Delicious came from the backwoods of Dee Troit Rock City, grew up in a little pink shack that wasn't too pretty (what a pity, what a pity). Met Kitty Largewood at the five and dime, but they were tired of wastin' their time. Kitty grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, grew up crazy, grew up fast, and she used her rack ('cause man, she is stacked)."

  • Know How to Handle Yourself (and Others)
    "In addition to knowing how to handle ourselves in a bar brawl, we also know how to handle ourselves in a broom closet, if you know what we're sayin'. Hubba! Hubba!"

  • Know When It's Sexy Time
    "Baby, it's always sexy time with Sassy. We can out-Justin Timberlake any of you MFers. We know the importance of good make-up, though -- you gotta get your face sprayed if you've had a rough night out and you still need to maintain the sexy."

  • Dig Deep
    "The title for our latest album, Diggin' Deep, came about when we met this pimpin' gentleman at one of our shows. He had watched the band before us and asked if we were as good as them. We assured him that we were. After we blew the doors off the joint, he came up to us and said, 'Man! You girls brought it! That rocked heavy. Y'all were diggin' deep!'"

  • Sassy performs in Wonder Woman outfits on Saturday, May 21 (actual day of the rapture), at Bottom of the Hill. 1 p.m., all ages, tickets on a sliding scale (it's a benefit). Diggin' Deep is out June 14 on Good Trouble Records.
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