After the Rapture, Can KUSF DJs Get Harold Camping's FCC License?

​When the rapture comes at 6 p.m. tomorrow, all the good people are going to go to heaven. At least, that's what Harold Camping and his supporters at the Oakland radio station pushing this whole May 21, 2011 date believe.

But the members of KUSF in Exile -- DJs who were kicked off the air when the college station's FCC license was abruptly sold earlier this year -- have a question: When you good people are gone to heaven, can we use your transmitter?

"Once he and his followers are "raptured", we'd be happy to take that over for him," said Ted Dively, cooperative member with KUSF in Exile, the new, lesser version of the community radio station.

And the KUSF folks have good reason to believe they'll be able to make great use of the transmitter. Check out the full story on our news blog, the Snitch.

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