Hear a New Smashing Pumpkins Song, "Owata," and Ponder Billy Corgan's Cheerful Oblivion

Kristin Burns
He wants you to believe.
​It wouldn't be a full-on '90s revival without an actual '90s band trying to get in on the party by releasing music looong after its prime. So who's making the most voluminous attempt? Naturally, it's the Smashing Pumpkins -- or, as we prefer to think of the band, Billy Corgan +3.

Our peeps down at LA Weekly's West Coast Sound have an exclusive premiere of the Pumpkins' latest song "Owata," which is an essential reality check for any '90s/Pumpkins/Corgan connoisseur. Hear this gleeful synth anthem after the jump.

"Owata" is track 10 on the band's 44-song behemoth/project Teargarden by Kaleidoscope, which is being released track by track. What does it sound like -- er, besides a whining bald guy cultivating vanity with his synthesizer and cooing about California? Take a listen here (you can download it free for the next 24 hours on West Coast Sound; after that, hit up SmashingPumpkins.com).

Corgan apparently plans to condense Teargarden into a regular-size album to be called Oceania. Read more about that in LA Weekly's interview with Corgan from last year.

Oh, and Billy, if you want a guide to how a soggy '90s band can take a solid shot at relevance in this era of Yuck and the Pavement reunion, we know a guy you should call. His name's Dave Grohl.

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Does Ian have shit for brains? Billy Corgan is a very talented man! Keep up the good work Corgan!


Ian, hope this isn't your day job- you not only sound like an idiot bashing someone with the talent of Billy, but your facts are wrong. The Oceania album is part of the Teargarden project, not a replacement for it. And it came out last week, not last year. If it's not important enough for you to get straight, let someone else review it.

bald guy
bald guy

Ian sounds like a bigot


Agreed. He can go on about how the band is soggy but journalists attacking the band is just as old but at least people actually want to listen to The Smashing Pumpkins these days.

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