Happy Birthday to Jonathan Richman, Who Turns 60 Today

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Because he'd wish you a happy birthday.

We're all fortunate to share an existence with Jonathan Richman, the songwriter/savant/funny guy best known for that song about being in love with Massachusetts and being in love with rock 'n' roll and being in the car with the radio on.

"Roadrunner," it's called. (But he has a bunch of other great songs, too.)

So this Richman guy, who was born in New England but is now a San Francisco-based treasure, turns 60 years old today. And since we love him, and since he's really good at birthdays, we thought we'd return the favor by wishing him a happy one.

It is with sincere appreciation that we share six videos of Mr. Richman playing music, singing, talking, and being brilliantly goofy. (That's one for every decade he's been alive, in case it wasn't clear.)

If you don't know about Jonathan Richman -- and his Velvet Underground worship and his playing with the Modern Lovers and his oddball approach to rock 'n' roll -- we suggest you learn. And if you do, enjoy:

And this one, a bonus, because we have to:

Happy Birthday, Mr. Richman!

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Edward Steve
Edward Steve

 Many many happy returns of the day Jonathan. Wish you a great musical career.


Jonathan the Great! Happy Birthday from Sarasota. I'm listening to "It's Time For" right now.


 I'm impressed you have it; it's impossible to find "It's Time For..." anywhere on digital - and "Sherin and Fahrad," "Corner Store," "It's You" and "Double Chocolate Malted" are among my favorites. 

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