Glee to Get Its Own Music Awards Show; Suicide Rate Likely to Increase

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Yesterday, Perez Hilton announced (in his usual fawning, sycophantic way) that this year -- on May 31, to be precise -- there will be a Glee music awards show. We now officially feel like the cast of that show is so damn ubiquitous, its members might as well be breaking into our homes at night and slapping us in the face with their stupid jazz hands.

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Seriously. What is it with these kids? Isn't it enough that we already have to deal with their grinning faces and big musical gestures at every other award ceremony on the planet? They show up at everything: Golden Globes, Emmy's, Grammy's, VMAs, Teen Choice, Screen Actor's Guild, blah, blah, blah -- it is impossible to get away from these people.

We're surprised they haven't found a way to muscle on in to the Academy Awards yet. Oh wait. Our bad. They've already bagged Oscar-winner Gwyneth Paltrow as a much-publicized guest star on the show and they're moving into movie-land in August. And it's going to be in 3-D as well, by the way, in case you want to see all that sickly, feel-good crap up close and personal. Freakin' yay.

We get it. People like the show (not us... but, you know, millions of other less irritable people who like musicals and crap), but having an awards ceremony specifically all about you is one of the most horrifying cases of self-congratulatory back-slapping we've ever heard of. The fact that they already win awards everywhere else makes it especially obnoxious.

Since voting -- categories include Song Of The Season, Best Duet and Best Solo Female -- is going to be conducted via, which is also "exclusively hosting the event," it's highly likely that all of this is simply a cross-marketing stunt and a way for the gossip king to get traffic up on his website. But, oh, what an annoying way to do it. And Glee -- or at the very least, Fox -- would've no doubt had to endorse this charade, like the show needs even more publicity. What's next? American Idol Awards? That's all a bunch of vomit-inducing cover versions as well, after all.

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Sure, we won't be tuning in to watch this nonsense. As we won't be tuning in to watch Glee any time soon (we tried that once, but nausea got the best of us). But, we are seriously sick of how relentlessly this TV show forces itself down our throats at every opportunity. At this point, it's even worse than Jersey Shore for that -- and way more gross to watch most of the time, which is quite a feat.

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 Wow i'd appreciate if you would stop forcing your shit articles down my throat! thank you very much!

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