Billie Joe Armstrong's Son Joey Is in a Pop-Punk Band

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Emily's Army

Here's one way to get a recording contract: be the son of Billie Joe Armstrong. That being said, it can't be easy to be the son of the famous Green Day vocalist, especially in the 924 Gilman scene that thrives on such high punk rock orthodoxies as achieving one's popularity through hard work and talent, and never selling out.

Regardless, Joey Armstrong and his band of childhood friends, called Emily's Army, have given the old punk rock business a try, with a bit of help from Billie Joe. The band is made up of Max (bass) and Cole Becker (vocals), Travis Neumann (guitar), and Joey Armstrong (drums), who, according to the band's bio, have known each other since they were four-year-olds, and have been playing together since 2004. They take their name from Beckers' cousin Emily, who suffers from cystic fibrosis, and share their name with a foundation that supports those with CF. So far, the punk rock imams of 924 Gilman Street would approve.

The band went into the recording studio with the elder Armstrong late last year and recorded their debut album Don't Be A Dick, which, as it ends up, is a surprisingly coherent and well-played group of songs (drums especially, to the credit of the Armstrong family stock). However, the tracks are unmistakably written by teenagers, with scoffably embarrassing choruses like "It would be nice to hear something that I musically enjoy / So I think you want to learn to broadcast this" and a track dedicated to Catcher In the Rye, but hey, kids will be kids.

The band was outed by Spin yesterday, coinciding with their premiere of the song "Broadcast This," featuring the embarrassing lyrics posted above. Their debut album will be released by Billie Joe's record label Adeline Records, on June 14.

Emily's Army plays a record release show at the Uptown in Oakland on June 10, tours the west coast through June, and makes it back to the East Bay to 924 Gilman Street in September. Unfortunately, if the venue adheres to its strict "no sellouts/major labels" (and we presume "no musicals") rule, Billie Joe will have to stay at home.

Listen to their music here.

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the lyrics r awesome take this as some who konws music

Joy Hudson
Joy Hudson

they need a facebook so i can add them!!!


wow,  that was the most sarcasticaly written artice i have read in a long time. pointless...


How are the lyrics embarrassing? I think they're great, its a good and honest message they are putting out.

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