Kylie Outgays Her Audience. Wow-Wow-Wow-Wow, Indeed

Jamie Soja
Kylie Minogue

May 21, 2011

@ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Better than: The gayest thing you did this week.

Here's a quick summary of some of the things we see onstage tonight: Grecian slaves, harps made of women, a gigantic gold Pegasus, outer space, synchronized swimming, a gigantic statue of Kylie's head, exotic fan dancing and -- this is the best bit -- multiple (beautiful) humans suspended from the ceiling and writhing around on ropes, Pink-style. And that's before we even get started on the outfits (let's just say there are togas and holograms and Buck Rogers catsuits and a shit ton of feathers and pearls involved).

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Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

99 Grove, San Francisco, CA

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Rick Taylor
Rick Taylor

The Cockettes would be proud I'm sure 

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