The Top 6 Weirdest Gig Venues Ever: Buses, Airplanes, Ancient Ruins, and More

This week, tens of thousands of people are going to a patch of desert to watch a pile of bands at Coachella. It's not going to be comfortable, but it's not the worst place in the world to play. How do we know? Because of the following -- the top six weirdest gig venues ever.

6. Against Me! at 16th Street BART, 2002
At the time, Against Me! had only one full-length out and were still in full-on DIY punk-rock mode. What better place to play then, than the entrance of the BART station on 16th and Mission? We can honestly say that, save for a major protest of some kind, there will never be a better venue for the song "Baby, I'm An Anarchist" than this one. AM! played their Floridian tushes off, the city's punks (and random passersby) got happy, and the corner's crack-heads were even more confused than usual. Thanks, Against Me!: This was a top quality -- and highly memorable -- way to spend an afternoon.

Against Me! in 2002
Photo by Jonathan Yi

5. The White Stripes on a public bus in Winnipeg, 2007
Man, Canadians have it so good. All that delicious free healthcare, all that wonderful scenery, all those low crime rates. Oh, and the White Stripes hanging out playing music all over their public transport. Like Winnipeg wasn't spoiled enough already, Jack  'n' Meg just hopped on a bus there, played a show, and made everyone's day even better. We're seething with envy.


4. Jamiroquai on an airplane, 2007

Air travel is horrifying and uncomfortable enough as it is. The cramped conditions, the crappy food, the boredom -- oh, the endless boredom. What could possibly be worse? We'll tell you -- dealing with all of those things while having to listen to (and look at) Jamiroquai. That's right! Jamiroquai played a private gig on board a 757 a few years back. We're not sure what bunch of masochists boarded a plane willingly with the band, but we bet by the end of it, all they wanted in the world was a stack of parachutes. Imagine being locked in a room, thousands of feet off the ground, with this lot.

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My sons band just played at a biker baptism!  it was weird. 


Terrible writing...

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