The Eagle Tavern, Beloved Gay Bar and Live Venue, Will Reportedly Close This Month

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Thee Oh Sees playing at Eagle Tavern as part of the Thursday Night Live series.
We've been hearing rumors about this for a while now, and last night, it looks like SFist confirmed them: the Eagle Tavern, iconic SOMA gay bar and the site of many great local rock shows as part of its Thursday Night Live series, is set to close for good at the end of this month.

The closure is not for financial reasons. According to SFist, several Eagle employees are in escrow to buy the legendary leather bar, but the landlord changed his mind. There's a meeting at the Eagle tonight to discuss the closure.

The meeting goes down from 7-10 p.m. As SFist noted, the 30-year-old bar is currently for sale. But there's already a Save the Eagle Facebook page, which contains this info:

You may have heard rumors and I'm horrified to say it is true. If we as a community don't stop it, the Eagle Tavern in San Francisco will be closing at the end of April (yes, the end of this month)!

This is a call to all who have been a part of the Eagle community over the years, whether you have only been once or are a regular at SOMA's largest and most unique gay bar. The Eagle Tavern is one of the last alt, leather, punk, working class gay bars in the city and we're getting together to make sure it won't go away without a fight!

Let's be clear: the Eagle Tavern is not closing because of financial difficulties. This is PROPERTY OWNER BULLSHIT. The property owner refuses to sign a long-term lease of the space to the Eagle, saying he doesn't want it there any more. He'd rather see condos or a straight bar. So he gave the Eagle Tavern only a month notice to vacate.

I'm certainly not bending over so our community can be fucked once again by some homophobic building owner!

If the bar closes, S.F. will also lose a great music venue. The Eagle's Thursday Night Live series was a do-not-miss series of shows that helped catalyze the city's garage-rock scene. (See the mention of the Eagle in today's Pitchfork piece on S.F. music)

We'll update you soon. In the meantime, just to reiterate, this sucks.

[via SFist]

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Conan Neutron
Conan Neutron

Terrible, terrible news. And, the community at large seems willing to just let this happen too. Pretty soon SF is going to be just a series of people posting comments on each other's blog.

Hoping for the best here, the Eagle is an institution.


Yeah, the community seems willing to let a property owner not renew a lease, instead of ... uh, forcing him to sign, or something.


I like the way you make your makes me flash on King John being forced by English barons to sign the Magna Carte , in a field in Runnymede , 1215 knife point.

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