Premiere: Dubstep Godfather Zed Bias Unleashes an Exclusive Tour Mix


​It's amusing to hear popular artists Skrillex and Korn collaborate on aggro nu-metal dubstep tracks and recall the music's humble London basement roots. Although U.K. dubstep originators like Skream and Benga are seeing rewards now, many more pioneers have been overlooked -- folks like Dave Jones, aka Zed Bias. In 1999, Jones' first tracks as Zed Bias made an immediate impact on garage music, a direct antecedent to dubstep. Songs like "Buggin' Me" and "All Night Jam" injected crisp rhythms, jazzy chords, and catchy vocal snippets into a style that was sagging toward commercial R&B mediocrity. To put it bluntly, Zed Bias made U.K. bass fun again.

Jones didn't stop there; he invented the Maddslinky alias to liven up broken beat music and formed the duo Phuturistix to explore future jazz sounds. Along the way his remixes influenced prominent U.K. bass producers and DJs on BBC and Rinse FM. Jones weaves the past into the future on Biasonic Excursion Chapter 4, a download mix that celebrates his North American tour touching down at Public Works on Saturday, April 30. Opening with a moody South London classic from Loefah, the mix progresses into machine gun rap from Kano and Jay Electronica augmented by Jones's perfectly staccato rhythms. Get hyped for Saturday's show and grab the mix here.

ZED BIAS Surefire Sound Tour Mix - Biasonic Excursion: Chapter 4 - Biasonic Core by Surefire Sound

Exclusive mix: Zed Bias -- Biasonic Excursion Chapter 4.

Tracklisting: Biasonic Excursion Chapter 4: Biasonic Core
Loefah "Goat Stare" (DMZ)
Kano (Zed Bias vocal mix) "Krazy" (CDR)
Zed Bias ft Jay Electronica and Ghost1 "The Cauldron" (Sidestepper)
Zed Bias and Skream "Badness" (Tru Thoughts)
Zed Bias "Sinner" (Tru Thoughts)

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Public Works

161 Erie, San Francisco, CA

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Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks

Dubstep is the most un-dance-able music ever and that's not even a word! I can't believe the hype that this genre receives because every time I go to a dubstep show I either see tons of teenagers high out of their mind, dancing awkwardly, or I see tons of bro's being weird.

What's the fuss all about?

Can someone please tell me how to enjoy this music?


I guess it's about a sense of rhythm and the appreciation of the layers of sound. Not being a native speaker I know too few adjectives to describe the sounds that I like hearing in dubstep music. I rarely go to any gigs for the same reasons that you described, but letting myself loose not being to worried about how I look like is not a problem for me when I listen to a good track. Funnily, this music also helps me focus on tasks that require high attention, precision and where you need to maintain flow.

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