Nick Cave Spotted in S.F.: Apparently He Can Survive Sunlight

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So he is human.
Nick Cave was spotted yesterday by a keen-eyed, Portuguese-speaking blogger in S.F. Looks like he's at the warming hut at Crissy Field with his kids. Notice the suave-as-fuck loafers and general sartorial awesomeness. Another photo after the jump.


Hat tip to local novelist and music writer Tony DuShane, who found this and posted it on Facebook earlier today. Word is that Cave is in town for a film being shot around North Beach. Anyone else seen him around, or know more about the film shoot?

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lil mike sf
lil mike sf

the film supposedly involves Nicole Kidman, 40's period dressed extras all over Grant Ave lasterday


The Nicole Kidman movie was recently being filmed in Livermore (last week/weekend). Apparently Keith Urban was spotted at Boomers with his kids riding the go karts.

ricky d
ricky d

saw him at the w hotel yesterday

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