Lil B Takes On Charlie Sheen, Rap Genius Explains the Complex Meanings

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This week in Lil B: A song extolling the virtues of winning, Charlie Sheen-style. Not the first to come from the rap world by any means (see: Chamillionaire, Soulja Boy, Rico Love, Traphik...), but the most easily digestible, and the most harmonious in terms of recent meme factories. If the video had some sort of tsunami-related LOLcat action, it'd be like the turducken of Internet culture.

But the video is surprisingly austere: just Brandon and a nonplussed dame in skimpy evening wear, hanging out in the gazebo in the middle of a pool. (The highlight of the video for us is the part where she booty-grinds the camera while he's just trying to show off his shiny new watch.) So is this really about Charlie Sheen, or is B just in irresponsible-claims-and-bare-minimum-rhymes mode again?

Don't ask us -- ask the tireless exegetes at Rap Genius, who've rolled out a video-embedded explanation of the song (one of the first examples of a new feature, also put to good use for Tyler, The Creator's "Yonkers" video). Of course, there's also the regular set of annotations, which goes into sufficient detail to uncover the bristling metaphorical depths of "Charlie Sheen." It ain't easy to boast about doing coke and fucking porn stars with such subtlety.

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Anybody that would try to rap like the way Mr.Sheen's been acting must be in need of some money bad.

This man had told his wife that he would "cut her head off and send it to her mother" !

Now does that sound like a man you would push up as a roll molde for your rap song.......?

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