Learn Local Music Survival Tactics from Battlehooch and Others at S.F. Intercom

Battlehooch: They've made it this far, haven't they?
No matter how you feel about "shapeshifting orchestral rock-and-roll" sextet Battlehooch and their adoring legions of nubile Battlehoochies, you have to admit that the rough-and-tumble rude mechanics know a thing or two about making a name in a city full of freak flag-waving free spirits. I'm aware that sentence made the band sound kind of like an experimental production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. Not an accident.

Anyway, you can be sure that the band's wild onstage antics and technically precise prog-jam freakouts aren't the only thing that's gotten them this far. Aspiring bands of all stripes could stand to learn from their example -- and now they can, thanks to SF Intercom, an underhyped resource for would-be local darlings concerned with the ins and outs of booking, promotion, groupie love, and proper techniques for mounting framed platinum records on drywall. Well, some of those things.

In this segment, Tombo, saxophonist of Battlehooch and Maus Haus, offers some advice on maintaining good musical karma -- nothing too involved, just some encouraging wisdom. But there's more! You can also hear from Or, The Whale and Jhameel, learn how to book shows from Potrero to Polk Gulch, and brush up on your rock-lifestyle slang. (Apparently people still say "gig.") Gather your bandmates, get some advice, and you'll be getting your shows at Slim's shut down in no time.

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Sf Intercom
Sf Intercom

It took me 4 months to find the review!!! I love it!!!

I just wanted to thank you for hyping my underhyped resource! HA!  :)Stefan

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