KUSF Still Isn't Saved; Help Support it by Seeing Economen This Friday

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Minutemen tribute band Economen: Too econo to hold still.
Raise your hand if you still miss KUSF 90.3 FM. Raise your hand if you still pine for the good ol' days of earlier this year, when you could turn on a radio in San Francisco and hear a DJ who was also in San Francisco playing music by people from San Francisco.

Okay, is that everyone? Right. We thought so.

So KUSF still isn't saved, but there are things you can do to help. Save KUSF, the group of DJs and volunteers that worked at the station when it was still a real station, has been putting on near-weekly benefit events to help the cause. They're something to gather funds and keep hope alive while we all wait to hear whether the FCC will approve the sale of the station's transmitter.

The next of those events is an unusual Friday night show at Bender's Bar, entrance to which can be yours for the meager price of $5. Entertainment for the evening will be provided by the songs of the Minutemen and a former member of the Stooges. Really!

Headlining Friday's show is Economen, a well-named local tribute to the force of jazz-punk nature that was Minutemen. And although Economen are no D. Boon, Mike Watt, and George Hurley, they're still capable of slamming out the band's tightly-wound songs with gusto.

Also on the bill is Third Thursday, a local psych-rock outfit that features Steve Mackay on vocals and sax. By way credentialing, Mackay played with the Stooges and the Violent Femmes, and collaborated with J. Mascis and Mike Watt. All of which makes for a rather compelling reason to help save KUSF this Friday, doesn't it?

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Simon Dray
Simon Dray

Even accross the Atlantic, 8I miss KUSF 90.3 FM, as for 22 years I was there every week with all my friends to ru the FM French Connection Bistro Radio, and I keep for KUSF a special place in my refurbished heart!!! I am now an american citizen living in France but I cannot conceived coming back to the City (As I will very soon) without having My KUSF!!! and all the friends of the Bistro radio who used to scream at thez end of each show "OK BYE" will now scream "OK WELCOME BACK KUSF"Signed: An admurator, a friend a member of your family KUSF, Simon Dray, the FM French Connection Bistro Radio!!!

Mister Big
Mister Big

I miss the best radio station in the world! Kudos to Benders for helping the cause.

Dave Travis
Dave Travis

Steve MacKay is still playing with the Stooges!


Steve Mackay is not "a former member of The Stooges" - he is still currently with Iggy Pop, James Williamson, Scott Asheton & Mike Watt. They continue to tour extensively and put on a hell of a show, there's even some talk of recording a new album.

Michigan TheaterTue, Apr 19Ann Arbor, MISuikerrock FestivalFri, Jul 29Tienen, BELGIUMOpen Flair FestivalSat, Aug 13Eschwege, GERMANYwww.myspace.com/iggyandthestoo...

Steve Mackay and Iggy Pop have collaborated on a new singlehttp://aftermusic.bigcartel.co...

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