Joy Division's Peter Hook Forces S.F.'s Hacienda Club Night to Change Name

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The original Hacienda in Manchester: No longer to be confused with a certain S.F. club night.
​Sorry in advance to all of you who thought a former member of Joy Division and New Order would be, like, cool. But forcing a relatively small club night in San Francisco to change its name because it happens to be similar to a long-defunct Manchester nightclub isn't exactly what would qualify as "cool" in our minds. No sir. And unfortunately, that's what Peter Hook and his press agent have done. 

As of this week, the Haçienda night at Deco Lounge is no longer "Haçienda." This Saturday, it'll be called Rançhería. Why? 

After the jump, we have a cease-and-desist letter from Hook's agent that will explain it all very clearly.

Here's the letter in its entirety:

Dear Whosoever is running Hacienda SF

You must cease and desist in the running and promotion of this night
using either the name of the Hacienda or design or artwork which is
owned by the designers and the club.

All links to Fac 51 The Hacienda, the trademark which we entirely own
and also to any other reference to the club must be instantly revoked by
your organisation, including the deletion of your facebook account and
any other references now and in the future to your club being related to
The Hacienda.

If this action is not taken and confirmed by email to myself and Hooky
at, we will look to issue proceeding
on behalf of ourselves and the designers which will be highly
detrimental to you and your standing.

You have no authority to be promoting this night and we hope that you
will see sense and dissolve it immediately. Otherwise we will be forced
to take action as outlined above.

I thank you for your compliance in this matter - I take it that it will
be dealt with promptly and look forward to hearing from you.

James Masters

Fac 51 The Hacienda / Peter Hook Press Office

Now, we can understand Hooky's folks getting a bit touchy about their designer's artwork. But getting one's panties in a knot because some club night on the other side of the world is using the name Hacienda? That just seems unnecessary.

Anyway, Rançhería, as it will be known at least temporarily, will feature and Tristes Tropiques this Saturday. Organizer Josh Widmann says the night will showcase "basically the same acid/new beat/italo/kraut/detroit techno grooves" it always has.

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Hooky et al. own the trademark fair and square, and spent (lost) millions making the club world-renowned. Let's face it, if there wasn't some cachet in the name, you wouldn't be writing about it here. Seems fair to me. Don't understand why so whiny on this topic.


Musically this club night apparently has nothing to do with neither Joy Division nor New Order. I've worked with quite a few British artists and music managers of this kind, and before I read this I had already made a decision to not work with any Brits again. Obviously these guys are not making me change my mind.

Jamie Guzzi
Jamie Guzzi

i thought the article was very well written and informative. thank you. (no love to peter hook, though.)


possibly the most irritatingly-worded article I've ever read. Jesus keep it to yourself.

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