Hunx and His Punx' New Video for "Bad Boy" Is Shitty-Awesome

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And it gets better.
Yes, we used the word awesome in a headline. But this here new clip for "Bad Boy" is pretty awesome ... in a shitty, Desperate Living kind of way. We spoke with Hunx's Seth Bogart the day after he and the band filmed this vid, and while his original comments didn't make our interview, we'll share the hilarity here:

We filmed a video [for "Bad Boy"] yesterday for five hours and then we realized nothing got recorded. And no one turned into a diva or anything. We just started laughing and then we just did it over.


We had Shannon's brother  [Dan Shaw]  do it on VHS and it looks like Wayne's World, like an '80s home video. It looks shitty -- it's amazing. It's just black and then there's these giant musical notes and then were had a fog machine and then we wore like ... Brandy did all this like punk makeup on us. It looks good. It's shit, it's really crappy.
Right, so doesn't that sound like a recipe for awesomeness? Check this thing out, the video for "Bad Boy," off of new album Too Young to Be In Love:

Hunx and His Punx - Bad Boy from Hardly Art on Vimeo.

Shitty awesome? Awesomely shitty? Or just shitty? What would you call this?

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straight guy
straight guy

it's that awesome feeling you get when you take a shit

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