Happy 4/20! Here's a Guide to Music-Related Activities on Doper Day

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Photo by Jenne Warren
Get high with Cypress Hill at the Warfield tonight.
Any crunker still mired to the concept of time recognizes and observes the entirely spurious significance of April 20. Sadly, organized recognition of the day is just as ad hoc, leaving teaheads to the dictates of their collectively whimsical natures. What follows are a few late suggestions for celebrating Doper Day if you want to do more than just fire one up where you stand. Check this handy map for observance of the Thousand Foot rule, and no matter what, do not attempt to operate machinery heavier than an iPhone.

  • Cypress Hill at the Warfield tops the list for dopest thing to do tonight. On Rise Up, their newest studio album, members of these pioneering hip-hop rockers hold to the weed that made them famous on tracks like "Light It Up," "Pass the Dutchie," and "K.U.S.H," and their earwiggy joints have as loyal a following among stoners as Paul McCartney or Pink Floyd. Doors at eight. and the opening act will be L.A. snarlboys The Literates, touring in support of their upcoming Blow Your Brains Out.

  • If the wait for the Warfield's door time puts too great a strain on your THC-addled attention span, simply wander outside and keep walking until you get to Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park for the drum circle at 3:30 p.m. today. According to the National Weather Service, the forecast for the park today calls for fair temperatures, weak sunshine, and mellow vibes for one and all, even cops and pious folk convinced Jesus has a political stake in the legal status of a plant. At 4:20 today, there will be much whooping and rejoicing.

  • While you're in Golden Gate Park, it's worth knowing admission to the California Academy of Sciences is free today. There's an aquarium, a planetarium, a museum of natural history, and a recreated rainforest standing some four-stories high. Behave yourselves and don't make the nice security staff throw your punkass out.
  • I know Dengue Fever as a prime stoner listening experience from repeated exposure to their live act during my long slog through clubland L.A. I tell you from bent-eardrum certain: What killed inside tiny all-elbows venues in Echo Park will most certainly slay within the dank-crusted walls of the Fillmore. Don't miss.
  • If you do, Yoshi's is throwing "Psychedelia Oriental," a flamenco and bellydance show with Kardash serving up Middle Eastern-inflected psych rock at 8:30 p.m.
  • When not having my ears chewed by all varieties of commercial grade whomp 'n howl, I've found lounging before live baroque chamber orchestras a gorgeously hallucinogenic experience. Tonight at 8:00 p.m. there's a free program of music at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music performed by their Concerto Composition winners.
  • The World Naked Bike Ride starts at Justin Herman Plaza at 4:00 p.m. This is posted as a hallucinogenic safety tip and is no way a recommendation that readers ride bareassed and stoned through the Financial District. The Man burns in 136 days, so save it for the playa.
  • The local arthouse cinema circuit looks to have completely neglected the doper movie experience on this day of daze. The 3:10 p.m. screening of Wings of Desire at Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley is worth a brownie-based epiphany or six, but you'd best save the heavy shit for Guy Maddin's lunatic faux-Thirties extravaganza The Saddest Music in the World at 7:30. This movie makes Yellow Submarine look like a Vitaphone musical.
  • If you're a romantic boozer under fifty with some illusions left, you're probably already have tickets to Chris Robinson at the New Parish. Those over fifty with none at all are likely even now camped in front of Oracle Arena a few miles away for Rod Stewart.

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Chris Hicks
Chris Hicks

ALSO: Ed Rosenthal Book Signing and Celebration at the Ferry Building 4:20 TODAY!!!!!

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