E-40 Continues Revenue Retrievin, Revisits His Past Hits

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The long wait is over; the next two installments in the Revenue Retrievin series from Vallejo's own E-40 -- the sequels to last year's Day Shift and Night Shift -- are finally out. Just in time for you to finish your tax returns! You know Uncle Sam's doing some serious-ass revenue retrievin' this month. Here's a video for "My Shit Bang," a track from Graveyard Shift that probably isn't about explosive diarrhea:

If you're not as up on your Earl Fortywater as you should be, Complex is offering up a guided audio tour through his 25 most essential songs (alternate title: 25 years of baseball caps with the occasional Kangol). We begin in 1990 with "Flamboyant" ("I wanted to do one of the most ignorantest styles of all time, and I did that") and ambling all the way to 2008's Turf Talk collab "Got Rich Twice" ("Northern California turned they back on mob music").

At every step, E-40 explains and reminisces, adding a dimension by turns thoughtful and hilarious ("Everybody wanna be the Iron Chef and don't nobody wanna wash dishes, work in the pantry, or mop the floor"). Remember his micro-beef with Rasheed Wallace? Remember his stint as a landlord with Fabolous as his tenant? Did you know Sir Mix-A-Lot refuses to fly? Can you pinpoint the first recorded use of "fa sheezy"? Have you ever heard anyone refer to weed as "herbal essence"?

Get familiar here.

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