Download a Free EP (Recorded in Journey's Old Studio!) from S.F. Trio Pance Party

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Corrugate your FACE
I can't pretend some prescriptivist tendency in me doesn't disapprove of the misspelling (because I don't think they're talking about this), but I'm finding it hard to claim that the three cardboard-faced gentlemen of San Francisco's Pance Party didn't choose the perfect name for their music. Theirs are party jams, no doubt about it -- my cat is busting some B-boy moves as I type this -- with just enough implicit hedonism and mischief that one begins to suspect their relationship to the very idea of wearing pants. (I'm wearing pants, but the cat isn't.)

The trio, which describes its M.O. as "a full frontal assault on the boundaries of dance music in the proud tradition of crossover acts like Daft Punk and Deadmau5," has been at it for a few years now, remixing the likes of Benny Benassi and Lil Jon, and releasing its own 'lectro-core compositions on two EPs, Let's Get Invisible! and Kim Jong Thrill. Also, it works in the same studio where Journey used to record, which you should be stoked about for some obscure but overpowering reason.

Now there's a third EP, Rainbow Road. Two of its four tracks are deceptively concise glitch-house-step odysseys; the other two are glitch-house-step odysseys with tweaked vocal samples that ride the beat like they're wearing bibs and parachute pants. Excuse me, pance. Consider "Waiting":

Maybe that something is trouble. "Be wary, for this road has no walls or boundaries," the band advises on its website. "One bad turn and it's an endless descent ... INTO THE ETHER." Take your chances and download the EP here, and sally forth to the Rickshaw Stop on May 20 to join the "Bi-Winning" (sigh) d/Pance party.

[Hat tip to The Deli.]

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