Death Cab For Cutie's Live, Single-Take Video for "You Are A Tourist" Not a Total Disaster

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We told you yesterday that the emo-pop all-stars in Death Cab for Cutie were planning a little stunt: Filming a scripted video for new single "You Are A Tourist," live, in a single take, and broadcasting it online via UStream. The first-of-its-kind shoot -- featuring what appear to be dozens of dancers and actors -- went down at 4 p.m. yesterday; now, of course, the resulting video is on the Internets for all to see.

So how did it turn out? We'll say this: the band and the video directors managed to avoid a total clusterfuck. It's still a Death Cab for Cutie song and video -- take that as you will -- but the clip actually looks pretty darn good, and the shoot seems to have gone off without a hitch.

Especially considering the choreography, the complicated lighting, and the set changes, this could have turned out way worse. So will this be a new thing for other bands? Some videos seem tailor-made for this sort of flowing, one-thing-after-another-concept -- we're thinking of Cee-Lo Green's "Fuck You," among others -- and to be sure, knowing it was all shot live adds a layer of impressiveness to this:


So what did you think of the video? Should more bands do live shoots on UStream or other places? Tell us in the comments below.

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I'm pretty impressed by this. Never been a big fan of Death Cab musically but pulling this much work in one shot is very admirable. Great lights, dancing and set!

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