13 Reasons We're Glad We Missed Coachella (Photos)

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What a lovely weekend in S.F.: Open tables at all the Mission's best bars, easy access to prime brunch locales, and short pizza delivery times. Was everyone gone for Coachella? Probably -- but we're glad we weren't, and not just because it was really easy to snag fresh pitchers at Zeitgeist. Here's a photo roundup of the Coachella festival's detritus -- 13 reasons we're really glad we stayed home.

1. The sudden appearance of ecstatic, glow-stick-laden ravers.

Christopher Victorio
At least at home you know in advance when you're going to be surrounded by a bunch of E-popping freaks. At Coachella, they just appear.

2. People who like Odd Future too much.

Christopher Victorio

Because we've already heard enough shouts of "swag" and "Golf Wang" this year to make us want to puke. And it's only April.

3. Rock dads

Rock Dads.jpg
Christopher Victorio

Wait, was Wilco even on the bill this year?

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