A Ke$ha Condom, and Eight More Celebrity-Endorsed Rubbers We'd Use

Prepare for your genitals to feel itchy, because LifeStyles is bringing out a line of Ke$ha condoms. Presumably, the front of the condom packet will have her face on it, accompanied by a catchy tagline -- something to encourage us to use such a product. Something threatening, maybe? Perhaps: "If you don't use this rubber, you may find yourself, in 18 years, attempting to raise a headdress-wearing crazy woman who won't stop talking about her 'junk'." That'd work on us, anyway.

While we wait and see what LifeStyles comes up with, we've decided to have a stab at who could be next in line for the condom sponsorship train. Like Ke$ha, the following artists certainly make us think twice about ever reproducing. Ever.

1. Celine Dion


Yes, yes, Celine Dion is a frightening exaggeration of a human being. But did you see those gigantic Baby Dior gowns she put her twins in for their baptism recently? Hideously ostentatious even by Dion standards. Well think about this. What if you had kids one day, then won the lottery? What if you lost touch with reality and started dressing your children in baby tents? Just avoid the whole sorry scenario and use the Dion condom. Because nobody likes a tasteless show off.

2. Christina Aguilera


The point of the Aguilera condom would be to remind you of what an irresponsible parent you could potentially turn out to be. One day, you're there, a doting parent, sane and sober. The next, you're forgetting the words to the National Anthem, falling over at the Grammys, and getting arrested for being out on the town and wasted out of your yodeling, gurning mind. Be careful out there, people. If you wish your life to be one filled with drunk-driving and booze-fueled arrests, keep using the Aguilera condom and save yourself the responsibility of having to feel bad about the little ones at home.

3. Billy Ray Cyrus


The BRC condom should exist because we all know what he produced with his loins. Let it be a warning to us all.

4. Lars Ulrich, Metallica


Well, he's just annoying isn't he? Imagine if you birthed a Lars-a-like. He'd be in your house whining about everything for, like, eighteen years. Don't even get us started on Thanksgiving. Just use the Lars condom and save yourself all the potential for irritation.

5. Taylor Momsen, The Pretty Reckless


We're just going to let the image speak for itself here. Imagine if your future 17-year-old daughter kept popping out for coffee dressed like a hooker. Condom, please!

6. Joel Madden, Good Charlotte


Joel is a good dad. And he's handsome too. The reason there should be a Joel Madden condom though, is because the likelihood that you'll ever be able to produce offspring as cute as Joel Madden and Nicole Richie have managed is marginal at best. Why bother even trying?

7. Jermaine Jackson

jermaine j.jpg

In case you were previously unaware, Jermaine named his son -- wait for it -- Jermajesty. That's right! Jermajesty. Like Her Majesty, except it actually doesn't make sense in the slightest. JJ condoms should therefore exist to remind us of the depths of stupidity naming a child can prompt in humans.

8. Rihanna

Paper Magazine

Imagine a world in which your children are singing along to songs about sadomasochism before they even know about the birds and the bees. Oh, that's right! You don't have to, because we already live in it! Thanks Rihanna. Thanks for lulling parents the world over into a false sense of security with a song about an umbrella, then -- once all the kiddies are listening to you -- going R-rated on the pre-teens ("Rude Boy" was also stellar lyrically for your younger audience). That was super responsible. Cheers.

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Murray Clack
Murray Clack

Ummmm.. Not to get off topic or anything.... Is it me, or does Jermaine Jackson have a fake orange tan?


 Nope, he IS a fake orange tan.


You left out so many others.....Lady GagGag...well almost anyone involved in modern/dance/emo/pop music would surely qualify.

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